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Designed for Comfort, Dignity and Safety
The only non-transfer wheelchair commode attachment that replaces the original seat of a standard wheelchair.

When your families love ones toileting needs reaches the point where it cannot be handled by the family, this is when nursing home placement is considered, that's when the Stay Put Commode should be considered as a tool to manage their care by providing excellent, safe affordable home care with minimal family disruption.

The stay put commode is a wheelchair attachment that's designed for wheelchair confined individuals who cannot help in their own transfer. As it replaces the standard wheelchair seat they maintain comfort and mobility of their chair.

The Stay Put Commode is needed when the caregiver is physically unable, endangers themselves or patient when transferring them to a toilet or commode. Transfers are needed only twice a day which can be scheduled when family help is available, or if necessary a paid aid can be arranged.

During the course of the day when the need arises for them to void, it only requires their caregiver to raise them by lowering the handle located at the rear of the seat, then sliding open the center section of the seat to allow access to the waste receptacle. This only requires a few moments to accomplish without any danger to the caregiver or patient. This allows a family caregiver to give excellent hygienic care with dignity. at no cost or very low cost if help is needed for the transfers.

It has an inconspicuous appearance that facilitates use by the wheelchair confined person in any environment. Providing a more normal lifestyle allowing the patient to go to various functions without concern for handicapped assessable facilities, only needs a secluded private area



  • Safety,Comfort and Dignity
  • Only two transfers a day
  • No waiting when they need to void
  • Maintaining mobility with their chair
  • No longer sitting on a urine soaked diaper or pad
  • Lowers the risk of ulcers
  • Eat and drink without concern
  • Feeling less of a burden on the family
  • Up and active can have a more normal and enjoyable home life
  • Can go places without concern for handicapped accessible toilet facility

In Home Care by Family

  • Safety for the care giver
  • It enables home care to be managed
  • Only two transfers a day which can be scheduled when family help is available or paid help can be arranged.
  • When the need to void can be made ready with menial effort once or ten times a day
  • Bathing can be scheduled when transfer to chair or back to bed
  • If paid help is needed it lowers cost as it requires less labor hours
  • More normal and enjoyable home life
  • The family can attend more social functions

Life becomes easier when using the
Stay Put Commode
for the patient and the caregiver