About Us

Gerald Williams
Inventor and developer of the Stay Put Commode, founder of Stay Put Inc.

When Jerry became a caregiver he thought there had to be a better way to handle the need to transfer a patient to a toilet or commode, As the procedure presented danger for both patient and caregiver, and at times painful and sometimes demeaning and embarrassing for the patient, and frightful as they become apprehensive of being transferred, not to mention that whoever was giving the care had to be physically able to handle the transfer.

At that time he tried to purchase a product in medical supply companies to buy a non-transfer device. And was informed that no such product existed.

Realizing in describing product that he was trying to purchase he conceived what is now the Stay Put Commode. At that time he built the first commode and then four others before there was one suitable for use. This unit was used for five years with no problems with the patent or commode.

After he and his family experienced the expected benefits of the commode and the many unexpected such as the ease of tacking care of the perinea hygiene, more freedom to go to different events as a family and a happier more normal home life. The fact that no product exist to address this problem, two years ago he decided to make the commode available for others. This time has been spent refining the design and setting up the manufacturing process.